Creating living spaces

We outline, design, build and manage your ideas

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Design | Construction
When designing spaces,
we put people and their
needs first. Our approach is
based on research,
experimentation, and thinking
outside the box, to find the
best possible solutions.

We provide all-round design, renovation, consulting and construction services for homes and businesses, with the client at the heart of every project.


Graphic design | Web design
Our professional team consists of creative talents specialised in turning your ideas into reality. We show outstanding attention to detail as we analyse and develop projects that meet all of your expectations.

We cover all the bases and select the best shapes, colours and fonts to convey your message. We can work in tandem with you to design and create your brand, then establish the ideal approach to communication.


Sustainable architecture
We believe that the key to well-being is living in a clean world, where every single one of us looks after the natural environment. We promote responsible decisions and simple measures that can help to protect the planet.

Sustainable architecture, green design, ethical fashion and fair trade are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We champion eco-friendly lifestyles by embracing sound, conscious and sustainable alternative approaches to design and construction work.

Would you like to invest in construction, build or renovate a home?
Would you like to develop a brand for your company?

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Paolo Spataro
Co-founder of Arquitectando Technical Studio. Head of Aleph Engineering. He has a degree in engineering and vast experience in the fields of design and site supervision. He is an occupational health and safety consultant and has a permanent teaching contract with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
Juan Pablo Berardo
Co-founder of Arquitectando Technical Studio. He has a degree in architecture from the National University of the Littoral in Argentina. He boasts more than ten years of experience in the fields of design, construction, site supervision and graphic design.
Annalisa Annovi
Co-founder of Arquitectando Technical Studio. She is a surveyor who has built up design, construction and building site management experience working for a number of firms.
Nicolas Esper
Co-founder of Arquitectando Technical Studio. He has a degree in architecture from the National University of the Littoral in Argentina. He boasts more than ten years of experience in the fields of design, construction and site supervision for public and private jobs, and graphic design.


You cannot think of architecture without thinking of the people. (Richard Rogers)

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Aleph Engineering
After years of working in synergy on a range of projects, it was only natural for Aleph Engineering’s founding partners to pool their experience by starting the firm. The highly qualified team have solid backgrounds in the fields of construction, IT and occupational health and safety. Maintaining exceptional standards at all times, they provide solutions that are tailored to individual needs. The firm endeavours to meet all of its clients’ expectations by espousing the principles of reliability, security, transparency, efficiency and efficacy.
Spazio A s.r.l.
Spazio A S.r.l. has been working in the Italian industrial, public and private construction and renovation market for years. Drawing on the know-how that it has gained during general construction work and building schemes for entire neighbourhoods, today the company focuses on renovation and maintenance projects, flexibly and expertly enhancing existing structures. Spazio A takes charge of all stages in each project: from the design phase and plans for energy saving solutions to paperwork and maintenance services. The close-knit professional team can take care of all technical and bureaucratic matters thanks to their local knowledge and long-standing ties with organisations and institutions.
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